We have an extensive portfolio of skills and technical expertise to assist with land or planning related projects. With a comprehensive understanding of the more recent Government regulations surrounding urban and rural development we can act quickly and in confidence to save valuable time and money on what can be a labour intensive process – acquiring land and gaining the sought after planning permission.

Our skills include but are not limited to:

  • The identification of land
  • The Legal Process, acquisition, exchange and completion
  • 106 arrangements
  • HQI’s and Lifetime Homes
  • Design quality standards
  • The project Managements of the Development
  • The Audit process

106 Agreements

Many of our site have a S.106 requirement with the Local Authority. We are very happy to take the lead with this process and have developed a good understanding of each of the Local Authority or County Council’s requirements in the areas we work. We lead the process working with our Client’s Solicitor and the Local Authority Solicitor.

Get in touch

If you have land for sale please feel free to get in touch or view the land we have for sale online